Irma is forecast to move near or over the west coast of the

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Hurricane Irma’s path of destructionhad emergency operation centers and newsrooms in Florida churning out information Sunday as dangerously high winds and storm surges threatened millions in the Sunshine State.”We’ve been holed up here for a good 24 hours and we’re going on 12 hour shifts cheap iphone cases5,” said reporter Chad Gillis cheap iphone cases, reached by telephone at The News Press building in Fort Myers, where more than 20 USA Today Network journalists are stationed forthe storm. Maximum sustained winds were near 115mph with higher gusts and Irma remaineda Category 4 hurricane.Irma is forecast to move near or over the west coast of the Florida peninsula Sunday and overnight, forecasters said. The stormhas already killed at least 25people since roaring out of the open Atlantic and chewing through a string of Caribbean islands, USA TODAY reported.A tornado watch was issued for parts of Florida and Georgia until midnight, the National Weather Service said.”Very few people are staying behind, but there are a few hardcore old timers who are willing to ride it out iphone cases,” he said.”Otherwise, it’s a ghost town.”The Fort Myers evacuations began in the days leading up to Irma’s landfall in Florida cheap iphone cases4, where emergency centers operated around the clock to disseminate storm updates through the journalists who remained behind to keep the public informed.”There are 10 local news reporters cooped up in the meeting room and we’re just trying to get as many updates out aswe can and pushing out the alerts,” said Cody Dulaney cheap iphone cases, a reporter forTheNews Press stationed at the Lee County emergency operations center.”There’s a lot of information sharing and teamwork going on,” Dulaney said.Social media feeds also lit up throughout Sunday morning as reporters traced Irma’s pathof destruction.”Typically you don’t see that, and it’s pretty interesting to see how many people are coming together,” Dulaney said.The constant stream of storm updates between friends, family and loved ones scattered across Irma’s expected path further underscored the feeling of a massivecommunity facing a historic disaster.”We’re just checking in with each other and sharing our collective anxiety at this point,” Dulaney said.Millions of Floridians evacuated ahead of the storm cheap iphone cases, and more than 3 million power customers already were without power early Sunday.In Miami cheap iphone cases, high winds snapped a construction crane and water swept down streets like rivers.

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iphone 7 case If that is what we’re seeing cheap iphone cases, then it reflects a mass movement of populations away from urban areas and towards the countryside, which itself represents a massive event. The complex crafts and industries of the Mycenaean era can’t be evidenced in the period that follows, accompanying a lack of art showing these activities taking place. The intense pan Mediterranean trade of the Mycenaean era slows, and in some cases ceases completely cheap iphone cases1 cheap iphone cases3, in the late 13th and then 12th centuries BCE. iphone 7 case

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