Matt Dillahunty deals with this often by pointing out

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The brutal actions of the shogunate in stamping out

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I think it is a situation that because of the impulse to survive in the concentration camp (physically and psychologically) and life thereafter, the victims needed to resort to any delusion that would serve the the survival instinct. Perhaps self delusion, in this case in the form of religious belief, is an evolved means for [...]


He died cheap jordans for sale mens ‘friendless and penniless’

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The number of prescription drug shortages tripled between

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This mosque is part of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community

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Nuraphone plays a range of tones into the ear

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The other major conflict is over how “basketball related

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Perhaps the most significant political consequence of the Enniskillen bombing was the resumption of talks between the SDLP leader John Hume and Gerry Adams. In his role as leader of Sinn Fin, Adams had condemned the bombing and resolved to step up the republican movement’s involvement in electoral politics. Although Hume received little support for [...]


The Stars close out their four game trip Friday in Calgary as

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Why the smiley? You do know that what you linked to is over

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