Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to file a trademark application in Turkey?

-A scanned copy of POA which we will provide the sample of. No legalization is required.

-Trademark logo, if any.

-Applicant information

-The list of the goods or services

How long it takes to receive the registration certificate?

– If everything goes smoothly, it takes approximately 7 months after the application date.

Do you need Power of Attorney to file the application or other matters?

-We need a scanned copy of POA, once we have a POA of your firm, we do not request it again for other processes. No legalization is required for the POA.

Will there be any problem in case the trademark is not actively used in Turkey after the registration?

-After 5 years from the application date, the Office might require proof of use.In case that you cannot provide any proof of use in the last 5 years, your trademark registration gets cancelled and you can no longer use the trademark rights provided with the registration. It is mandatory to use the trademark after the registration.

What are the phases of the trademark registration in Turkey?

The registration process consists of basically three steps.


Once you file the application, the trademark goes under an examination by TURKPATENT to be determined if it can be a trademark, according to the Turkish IP Law, and if the application was filed properly without any irregularities. The official examiner has legally 4 months to publish the first decision of the Office.


If the TURKPATENT determines that your trademark can be a trademark and there is not an identical trademark which is already registered, your trademark gets published for 2 months. Any person might file an opposition against your application and you have a right to defend your application by filing a response. To file a response to the third party oppositions is not mandatory.


In case everything goes smoothly and we receive the registration decision after the publication period, registration process would be the last step for 10 years of protection.

It is obligatory to pay the official fee in order to complete the registration process and receive your registration certificate.

What is the classification list accepted in Turkey?

– The applicable classification in Turkey is the Nice Classification (NCL).

What is supposed to be provided in case of priority right claimed?

– In case the priority right is claimed in a country, the protection date starts from the application date in the country of origin, within 6 months the priority can be filed in Turkey otherwise, the priority right is cancelled.  The priority right document and its Turkish translation are required to claim the right.

What is required to state the use of the trademark in Turkey?

– Invoices, import documents, bill of loading which clearly show the name of the trademark, goods/services and the date.  Websites, catalogues, advertisements, official trade related documents on which the trademark can be seen could be given as examples of proof of use.

Once the trademark is registered, how many years it will be valid?

-Once a trademark is registered, it is valid for 10 years starting from the application date.

Is it possible to use the trademark in Turkey without registration?

-Yes, it is possible.
Please write your request to inform you.